Double Curved

The first spring course offered through the makeLab at Lawrence Technological University (LTU) resulted in different, successful, and unique projects. One of the most interesting projects being undertaken by students in the makeLab is a project being funded by the Kern Foundation. The main focus of the grant is to create a mode of practice focused on the collaboration between the fields of Architecture and Engineering.  Students from both departments combined their knowledge and experience to design and implement a wall panel system.

The team working on the Kern Grant consists of two architecture students :Romica Singh and Jason Colon, an engineering student : Shantel Miller, and a project coordinator: Shawn Calvin.

The project is based on a double curving wall which would be installed in the “sculpture garden” at the southwest end of the architecture building. The instructor, Jim Stevens wanted the wall to have a function beyond the sculptural form, so the team decided to create a presentation space. Romica and Jason designed the double curved curtain wall and placed it close to an existing exterior retaining wall in a way that would form a closed space for presentations. The idea of a presentation space made the project design evolve by incorporating seating to it and by also using the existing stairs for seating. This way you can either sit on the stairs or the base of the wall that was designed for seating. The first iteration of the curved wall design was done using Rhino which was showing the early concept of panelizing based on a specific grid they designed.

By:Ali Alwayel

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