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Cloud Cell

Today, I have worked on two experiential images that represent my interpretation of how to COLLECT + STORE + FILTER + RELEASE water.  The Cloud Cell is proposed to be suspended above Shanghai, tethered to the ground with large cables.  The clouds looming presence provides a new layer of permeable filtration.

Design – Day Two

Day two has ended and many projects have been produced that reinforce the workshop’s theme.  Out of the intensity of the studio several projects have emerged:  Cloud Cell, Hydrological Hierarchy, Fluid Framework and a few other that are developing.  Some are posted here for your review and comment.

First day of Design

The first day of design the students were asked to consider how Shanghai will grow with specific consideration of water resources.  The intent is to study this at multiple scales [macro (urban) to micro (human)].  As a starting point each project considered:


Shanghai material search

Before you can MAKE you need supplies.  On Wednesday, Prof. Wang and I went in search of what Shanghai has to offer in studio materials.  We found everything imaginable and with the help of a SUES professor we loaded it all up in a car and got it all back to the studio for the first day of building.

China 2010

makeLab is going to be @Large this summer with Prof. Paul Wang, Prof. Jin Feng, Prof. Constance Bodurow for the 2010 China workshop.  This year’s workshop will focus on “The Evolving City” [Shanghai] with analysis of how water will impact the built environment in the macro and micro scales.