Bolivia – IDC

Suitcase CNC with the International Design Clinic (IDC)

When: 23 May – 24 June 2013
Where: La Paz, Bolivia

This summer makeLab’s suitcase CNC will travel to Bolivia to particiapte in the IDC’s summer workshop vendingEDUCATION. In the summer of 2010, the IDC, with Bolivian non-profit partner Creativo Cultural Espacio, began a collaborative design effort with kids working on the streets of La Paz in order to generate new, street-based versions of education that more adequately fit the unique lifestyle of these children.   Unlike current school systems, which demand the kids choose between working (and thus eating) or pursuing their education, the IDC’s street-based educational system will be designed in a manner that allows each child to pursue learning in a manner congruent with their schedule, circumstances, lifestyle, experiences, and interests.

The makeLab will attempt to use digital fabrication to assit the IDC in their design efforts. For more info see the IDC’s website at:


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