Collective Number 2 – Kyle and Nick

For their second Bound Collective, Kyle Gonzalez and Nick Cataldo stacked and sectioned plywood in a way that would achieve both the diffusion and absorption of sound.

Kyle and Nick designed the sound absorbing shape using Rhinoceros 3D modeling software. They created a cavity in the surface in order to meet the sound absorption requirement of the performative design criteria. It was a struggle for Kyle and Nick to decide on materiality because they wanted a material that would be both aesthetically pleasing and perform the necessary requirements for sound diffusion. In the end, they chose to use plywood.

After they were pleased with the form in Rhino, Kyle and Nick divided the digital model into sections. They sectioned off the model because it was the most appropriate way to create a continuous surface with a cavity in it. Next they used PartWorks software in order to prepare the file for the CNC machine. For post processing, they used the band saw to remove the tabs from the cut plywood shapes and hit the edges lightly with fine grit sand paper. Then the pieces were connected with wood glue and clamped together to cure overnight.

If Kyle and Nick had to do it again they would have used a combination of two materials, soft and hard, that would allow the panel to be more absorptive to sound. In addition, a smaller diameter bit would be used instead of the ½” straight bit, in order to achieve the desired interior sharp corners. Another issue in the fabrication of the design was the determination of the tabbing amount; during the cutting process, Kyle and Nick didn’t determine correctly the number of the necessary tabs and as a result several pieces broke free from the stock and needed to be secured to finish cutting.

The final project is a beautiful stack of plywood pieces glowed together with dimensions of 32”x24” and a depth of 4.5” at the widest point and 1.5” at the narrowest point.

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