Deployment [uncut]

The Paris studio was asked to conceive, design and fabricate a device and method for recording the city. The device was intended to augment, alter, distort, or re-configure an existing device for recording (ie. camera, video recorder, tape recorder, sketchbook) or invent a new means of documenting the experience of the city. To design the device the students needed to take an attitude about both the city and its representation. Students considered aspects of time, measurement, datum, movement and transformation. The machines engage input as well as output, generating a record/mark/imprint on something external to the device itself, i.e., film, bytes, or the actual site. These devices created both quantitative and qualitative data that mapped the city in time and space.

Below are a few uncut examples of deployments on our site in Clichy-Sous-Bois, France.

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