Digital Zeza – March 2016


The workshop will conduct a critical analysis of digital fabrication and associated emerging technologies for architecture with respect to topographical mapping. This will be addressed specifically trough the analysis of existing topography and accurate reproduction via digital fabrication.    This will be accomplished by full engagement with parametric modeling, Computer Numeric Control (CNC) and 3D rapid prototyping (3D printing) systems.  Students will design, prototype and fabricate their projects at various scales.  The content of the course will give students an understanding of topographic reproduction and analysis.  The applied projects will be supplemented with readings and discussions of significant precedents and techniques.

The Zeza Canyon will serve as a site for analysis and creation for the workshop.  Located outside of Tirana in the Ishmi River Canyon the valley is home to an old trading route with significant cultural remnants including cobblestone paths and traditional bridges.  This valley and its historic route have been since bypassed by modern roads.  Our workshop will attempt to document this valley with a digital 3D model and fabricate it using CNC technology at various scales.

Map Refereces:
Trail Map and Photos
Garmin Map