The 7th annual International Digital Fabrication conference, Fab7, is being held in Lima, Peru this year. August 14-19, 2011, will be a week filled with workshops held by some of the leading practitioners in the field. Each workshop will cover a different section in the field of digital fabrication. On Thursday, August 18, a symposium will be held and the keynote speaker is Neil Gershenfeld. makeLab will be in attendance and we will update the blog with information throughout the conference.

The conference is organized and hosted by MIT’s Center for Bits and Atoms (cba.mit.edu), The Fab Lab Network (fab.cba.mit.edu), and Fab Lab Lima (fablablima.com).

For more information about Fab7 and a detailed schedule, visit fab7.pe


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  1. Interesting that you call it “[t]he US Fab Lab Network’s (…) annual international conference” … as far as I understood this is the international meeting of all Fab Labs world wide …

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