Gift Shop @ The Virgil H. Carr Cultural Arts Center /Production/

With the deadline a short 3 weeks away, Kyle and Natalie have been working hard on their screen installation for the gift shop at the Virgil H. Carr Cultural Arts Center in Downtown Detroit.  Almost all design details have been addressed, and cutting has commenced.

Since we last checked with the team, there have been some important changes that have taken place.  The form of the screen no longer wraps around the buildings columns as they did in the initial design.  Instead, the screen will be located on the interior of the beams on the front portion of the gift shop, and on the exterior of the beams on the side portion.  The screen has to be constructed as one unit.  A more complex installation would need to take place if the screen had the connection points anywhere else but at the custom studs.  Kyle and Natalie have also designed and prototyped the shelving plugs which provide structure to the shelves in the gift shop.  The structural capabilities of the screen have also been tested by a fellow, brave MakeLab student.

Currently, the team is focusing its efforts on cutting the screen and support studs with the CNC machine.  So far, four segments of the wall have been connected with the three studs on which they rely.  They have cut 9 sheets of their total 48 sheets of 4’x8’ Baltic Birch plywood boards.  The team also mentioned that it is important to keep working and continue efficiency.  They are currently cutting one wall panel per sheet of plywood, and reusing the leftover scrap to produce one structural stud.  They are also in the process of selecting a suitable polyurethane finish and completing details of the entry door.

Once cutting has finished, the team will need to do some minor post-processing to the screen, which includes some light sanding, applying clear finish, and gluing the two pieces that make up one structural stud together.  The project will then be transported, constructed, and installed prior to their April 18th deadline.  There is a lot to be done, but Kyle and Natalie are making significant steps towards the completion of their exciting installation.

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