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Since my last blog entry Team Hot Sauce has been in final production mode. Their efforts extend to sleepless all-nighters in the MakeLab cutting molds on the CNC-machine. Their design has long been finalized as they have already gotten approval from the administration for final placement of the piece. Their project has morphed into an elaborate bench constructed of a waffle-like rib structure and concrete-made cells that serve as the seating pieces. Context renderings and digital images give a better idea to what is expected of the final product.

Much of the design process, until this time, has been the milling of foam molds for concrete pouring. They consist of single or double sided cut pieces on 4’x8’x2” pieces of medium density (blue) extruded polystyrene foam. The predicted time limit for this part of the project has already passed but at least they are on the right track to completing a complex and mature project. Some of the pictures above illustrate the already completed pieces, and the milling process on the CNC.

The project is a mix of two typologies: the profile cutting of the ribs, and the horizontal finishing of the curved mold surfaces. The already purchased material for the ribs is plywood, while the concrete is a high fiber mix to facilitate casting. Tool-paths need yet to be generated for the rib structure, also the pouring of the concrete hasn’t been completed yet, but the team has the arm power to accomplish their goals.  I foresee a few obstacles in the production of the indoor bench. There is the risk of not finishing in time, because of glitches or kinks that need to be worked out through production, but more importantly the model constructed was not adequate or big enough to show all typologies in place. My advice to the team would be to make a full scale section piece of the bench so that there is a real idea of what the final piece will look like. This of course can produce extra work in a very tight schedule for the team, and might not suit them at this point, but it’s something worth thinking about. Hope they get the results they deserve. The project has incredible potential. Until next time…

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Pandush Gaqi is a senior undergrad at Lawrence Technological University and currently taking Digital Fabrication class in the MArch program.

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