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The double curved wall team for the Kern Grant did a wonderful job in designing the connection system of the double curved wall. They have designed a flower shaped piece that connects to the corners of each panel and attaches each panel to one another. The interesting part is how the team has managed to use the material’s physical flexibility advantage in shaping the wall curvature. Jason and Romica made a groove at the corners of each panel to help aid in the bending process of each panel to support the desired curvature direction.

After conducting multiple tests on the material connection systems, the material flexibility would not hold up for it to stand alone as a wall itself so the team added a structure of metal pipes to support the pieces.The panels vary in color (white and black) There appears to be some difference in the material’s physical properties between the white sheet and the black sheet. This was observed after cutting the sheets with the CNC machine. The black sheet turned out with smooth-edged cuts that do not need any further sanding of the pieces. The white sheets, after milling, resulted in  rough edges and ultimately needed to be sanded at the edges after the cutting process.

Assembly of the panels and installation of the wall (to be placed in the “sculpture garden” on the southwest side of the UTLC) will take place this week.

By: Ali Alwayel

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