India 2016

The Digital Vernacular Workshop will take place from June 6th to June 25th at CEPT University in Aminabad, India.  In this collaboration between the MakeLab at Lawrence Technological Univercity and DICRC, FD, CEPT University, participants in the workshop will investigate tacit craft skills and their relationship to algorithmic design through human-computer information exchange and digital fabrication. The workshop is a design-build workshop involving feedback between designers, skilled human masons, a CNC machine, and a computer algorithm. Students will design three-dimensional surfaces on the computer using the Rhinoceros 3D surface modelling software.These virtual surfaces will be the inputs for a computer algorithm to facilitate information exchange between skilled masons and a CNC machine. The feedback will enable geometric complexity from the computer to co-exist with creative improvisation by the mason. The resulting installation will possess formal complexity afforded by the computer, the accuracy afforded by a CNC machine, along with vernacular and improvisational contributions of the masons and designers. There will therefore be an artefact that cannot be created by either a designer, a mason or a computer alone

Registration:: Students must register with CEPT University at the following link: CEPT Registration

Visa: In order to attend the Digital Vernacular Workshop, student are required to obtain a visa. Make sure the type of visa obtained is a tourist visa. Using the Visa Assistance Form to access the online application, start the process here:

A sample can be viewed here:

Travel Arrangements: Participants are responsible for coordinating their own travel arrangements. Students should plan arrive in Aminabad (AMD) before June 6th. Once travel arrangements have been booked, send travel arrangements (flight number, dates, etc.) to the contact information provided below.

Health and Immunizations: All participants are required to adhere to the CDC requirements for travel to India. Documentation of all immunizations should be submitted to the contacts below. A list of requirements and recommendations can be found here:

Payment and Waiver: A $250 deposit (non-refundable) is to be submitted to Mary Johnson in the Architecture Dean’s office A129 by April 1, 2016. The remaining $250 balance (non-refundable) is required to be submitted to Mary Johnson by May 1, 2016. At the time of payment, a waiver will be provided that all participants are required to sign.

For questions contact: Prof. Jim Stevens.

photo by: Prof. Steve Rost