One of the biggest issues Kyle faced during working on the logs is the interlocking (friction) level of the joints. Some logs are joined together easily and fit perfectly while others were loose when being joined or don’t fit together at all. This was occurring because the joint parts are either thicker or thinner depending on the logs. The cause of this difference may have been from the wearing of the routing bit or from the log itself not being completely attached to the wood template board while cutting.

Kyle Post wanted to apply varnish on his project logs, so he bought a varnish with a pump tank. When he began spraying working on it to spray the logs he found out that the tank wasn’t working properly, instead of spraying it produced a liquid. This wasn’t expected, Kyle managed to find a brush to apply the varnish on the logs. Unexpected problems may take more time than planned which can delay the finishing of a project.

By: Ali Alwayel

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