International Design Process [US + Kosovo + Albania + Italy]

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After the rapid expansion of the makeLab within Lawrence Tech over the past 2+ years, the team has extended its reach to an international level. First, through teaching workshops in Albania, China, and Paris and now working as part of an international design team. The makeLab is engaged in a design competition for the Central Mosque of Prishtina, Kosovo with Metropolis, a design studio located at POLIS University in Tirana, Albania, and architect Antonello Stella of Rome, Italy.  The makeLab has quickly become immersed in the conditions of Prishtina and the typology of the mosque. Currently, the team is utilizing CNC technology to provide design iterations that are to be constructed and reviewed by the teams in Italy and Albania through the use of online video meetings. As the deadline approaches, the team will be shipping out components of the project to Kosovo where the final submittal will take place. This process in itself has demonstrated makeLab’s ability as a studio to produce products internationally.

Over the coming weeks, makeLab will continue to meet online with both firms to exchange ideas, strategies, and concepts created at both locations. makeLab’s exposure to working in an international team has proven the potentials of global practice.

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