Kyle Post Gizmo

Kyle Post is designing his own project for the Gizmo assignment in the new Digital fabrication class. The purpose of the assignment is to understand the capabilities and limitations of the digital fabrication software/ hardware.

Kyle started designing his project using Rhinoceros (Rhino) as the 3d visualizing /designing software in addition to grasshopper which is the scripting plug-in software for Rhino. He applied what he learned in this class and combined it with his previous design experience to design his Gizmo. The gizmo is composed of pipes extruded over a series of interconnecting lines using Grasshopper scripts to modify line geometry created in Rhino.
This was used to achieve the desired geometry while also allowing parametric modification for further iterations.

After he designed the Gizmo he decided to test it through 3D printing. The first print wasn’t a success because some parts of the geometry failed due to uncapped pipes that were hidden behind other geometrical objects in the grasshopper interface. The missing parts of the 3D print were key elements of the overall design, resulting in structural instability. Kyle modified his 3D model in Grasshopper, fixing the previous issues by capping the hidden pipe modifiers. For his second print, he added different color striations to the design to simulate the potential use of various materials for future design iterations and construction.

By: Ali Alwayel


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