make \ design \ reach \ support

Out of chaos comes four succinct components that define makeLab: make \ design \ reach \ support.  From the outside, it may seem out of control in the makeLab but everything we do is working toward these four goals.  It took Tyler Hayes, the designer of our new poster, to have us stop and think about what we are doing.  How do we define our practice in four simple statements?  I think his creation sums this up well.

The poster states the four compoents as follows:

this is where it starts, deteriorates, and is built again // sketches on scrap paper, napkins, and table tops  // it’s an idea // an idea that will solve a problem // that’s what we do // we solve problems // but it doesn’t end there

to complete the solution, we need to make it // we need to bring the idea into fruition // at makeLab, we make things // more specifically, we make good things // we move past theoretical solutions // we practice

but we don’t make things for selfish ends // we strive to be a creative resource to the community around us // we’re passionate about providing design where it may not otherwise be available or affordable // if you can think it, we’ll help you make it // that’s that

we don’t like to brag, but we think we’re onto something here // we’re confident that we offer a truly unique opportunity for those in need of exceptional design solutions // but we can’t continue by ourselves // to be straightforward, we need money // not for some fancy new shoes // but for the chance to keep making // every donation helps fund another makeLab project // and we appreciate every one of them // thank you

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