New Material Challenge!

The material that’s being used
for the Double curved project is called the Polyboard, LLDPE (linear low density polyethylene) which is made from a recycled plastic. This is the first time the team worked with this material, and since they didn’t find a local supplier, they had to get the material from  Toronto which is the closest and lowest cost supplier including shipping. In order to get the material without delaying the project or paying for expedited shipping the team scheduled 10-14 days lead time for delivery. 10 sheets were ordered and approximately 25% of the material cost of the order went toward shipping. (approximately $86 US for a 0.5″ sheet).

The engineering student Shantel Miller has been working on a software which is called Abacus and used it to do finite element analysis. Since they haven’t worked with this material they had to figure a way to attach the pieces in a way to make the flat panel curve in two directions. The reason they need to get the panels to curve in two directions is that the design in plan is made from two opposing S curves one on top and another flipped S curve on the bottom. The wall curves in section as well. ie. The upper and lower “s” curves are not attached by straight lines.

The early concept of panelizing is based on a 12 x 5 grid which resulted in panels of approximately 16×18 inches. Wall varies in hight from 6′-6″ to 8′-6″ and is 14′-9″ long. It includes 60 panels to make the wall then in the later design they added 16 panels for the seating.

After making the 3D printed model to get a physical sense of its form. Then they made a study model to study its function as a presentation space and to explore color patterns, wall scale, and text scale as well.

By: Ali Alwayel

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