Paris – FacLab

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22 July – 26 July 2013
FacLab – Paris, France
Universite de Cergy-Pontoise

The combination of parametric tools with digital fabrication technology provides a powerful methodology for making.  Recent technological developments have left makers overwhelmed by the opportunities and choices available.  Regardless of how we fabricate, the outcomes can be categorized in three primary systems: forming, joining and removing. The topic of this workshop is to study one of the three systems – Forming.  For the purposes of this workshop forming will be defined as:  The parametric creation of a form-giving object that can be used to replicate multiple components.  The fabricated part can be conceived as a mold, jig or template.

The objective of the workshop is to digitally design and fabricate formwork for a final artifact.  The artifact can be bent, cast, or molded.

Each student or student groups will be responsible for the following outcomes:

  • Design and fabrication of the form-giving geometry.
  • Using the fabricated part, produce multiple artifacts.
  • A working understanding of CNC technology.


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