POLIS students working in makeLab


This semester the makeLab has two visiting students from POLIS University in Tirana, Albania.  Enis Pakashtica and Njomëza Krasniqi are both graduate students at POLIS and will be in-residence at the makeLab this semester.  They arrived at LTU due to the newly established cooperation agreement between Lawrence Tech and POLIS University.  Their first couple of weeks have been busy with simply settling into a new country, new colleagues, and the unique culture of the makeLab.  This semester will be a busy one for Enis and Njomeza, who will be participating in two design competitions, assisting in the coordination of the AlbaniaNOW exhibit, attending a field trip to New York, and most importantly continuing work on their graduate thesis.  We will end the semester by returning together for the makeLab workshop in Albania and Kosovo in June.

Please help me in welcoming them.

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