alter parking


The Alter Parking project addresses the fundamental limitation provided by a design guideline that stated that only a small portion of the site can be covered. In response, a lightweight, translucent, pretensioned, modulated system was developed to offer various amounts of shade, shelter, and experiential conditions covering up to only 16% of the site. Supporting the canopy of modulated trusses are vertical trunks that land in eight distinct lot level environments: break, pond, knoll, stage and hang. The break space provides seating on the street side for park goers and passersby. The pond is a collection point for rain to provide evaporative cooling; the knoll will have sod for seating and lounging, and the stage for performances. Hang spans the space with a large hammock for rest and play. Students: Haddad | Clawson | Cataldo | Bartha | Donelko | DeKryge | with Chris Schanck