colligate chair

A chair, particularly one that moves about a park, is not just for sitting. We would like to think that it is, but it is simply not true. We sit, we text, we lounge, we lean, we prop. Given that most chairs do not address these tasks, we rotate, fold, and stack them into a direction that better suits us. Knowing that some chairs do some of the listed tasks well, the design process began by identifying elements in found chairs, deconstructing them, and reassembling them into a newfound solution.  The Colligate Chair is predicated on the idea of bi-position seating. This allows one to sit, but also to lounge. The outer closed tube frames allows the user to rotate the chair into the position best suited to their needs. The shape also allows, when combined with other neighboring chairs, the opportunity for many responsive configurations, giving the user the ability to colligate or to make casual connections that optimize their conditions.  Students: Haddad | Clawson | Cataldo | Bartha | Donelko | DeKryger | with Chris Schanck