The Final Day

The semester has come to a close. Throughout this course we have all seen how everyone has been experimenting with their semester projects; how they were developed and, today, what it can do and its limitations.

Kyle Post has done a great job converting waste material into an interesting modular system. For his final project, he used his logs to create a curved and concave wall surfacewith a seating bench in the center of it. The wall shows a great potential and flexibility in customizing a concave curvature. I believe that it would be well observed on a large scale, but since he applied it on a small area it doesn’t really showcase its maximum potential. I thought it might be interesting to experiment with creating private spaces.

During the final review day, the project received different points of critic. One interesting point was about the pattern on the logs. As you can see each piece had a pattern on one side, and all of the logs were identical. What if each piece had a different unique design? What is when all of the logs were joined together they formed a large-scale pattern?

Kyle Post’s curiosity forced him to experiment on the side. He experimented with the pattern on different wood pieces. He also designed a beautiful coffee table using a salvaged piece of wood (with bark still intact) and metal legs.

By: Ali Alwayel

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