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By the end of this month, the makeLab will have developed its Step x Step section of the website and published it for public consumption. The primary objective of Step x Step is to provide designers and architects with a reference on how to perform the specific fabrication processes of joining, forming, and subtracting. The Step x Step section will break down each of the three categories into a series of detailed tutorials.  These tutorials will include important safety tips and advice on how to exercise craft in the context of digital fabrication. Step x Step will provide architecture students with useful examples of processes that range in complexity.

Three LTU students (Nick Green, Erika Zajac, and James Case) have taken up the responsibility of developing the Step x Step web page.  Currently the Step x Step design team has been focusing on organizing the structure of the tutorials and its graphic appeal. An iconology scheme has been established that clearly communicates the prime idea behind each tutorial.  The objective is to make the tutorials accessible to all students regardless of  background or expertise.  Eventually the Step x Step section will serve as an open source database, allowing its viewers to add to pre-existing tutorials based upon their personal experiences.  A template will be provided that outlines the format expected for the Step x Step website submissions.  This template will include ways of conveying information graphically.  The goal of Step X Step is to provide clear ideas, list any required supplies, and provide a well-documented process for infusing the technical skills of craft into the design making process.  This is achieved by setting up a narrative that outlines the best practices for digitally fabricated design and subsequent analog methodologies.  Step x Step will act as a new resource for students and experienced designers alike to review the makeLab’s advancements and setbacks as time goes on. Additionally the aspiration of Step x Step is to foster a community founded on process-oriented knowledge sharing.


Dustin Altschul
Brandon Mainster
Eric Craig

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