Stereotomy Ph4: block finding vs. form finding

Throughout the iterations of traits, we have learned that we need to make the distinction between working on block finding and working on form finding. There are curves/contours that are easier for the hand to draw then for us to use a computer to draw, such as organic or natural lines (ie. illustrators using tablets and a stylus for drawing cartoons instead of a mouse).

Stereotomy is definitively “block finding”, but we are thinking that with today’s tools, it is best to take a step back from us doing that. Our logic is this: block finding is either right or it’s wrong – so, a computer should do that. Form finding is subjective, and in this case, responds to site constraints – so, a human should do that. Not only should a human form find, but we are wondering how it would work to do it around a site that is not man-made. If we are making the case for drawings, and delineating form-finding a task better suited for a human than a computer, would it make sense to form-find around natural constraints, like a shelter for an animal that also receives sunlight?

So, we chose a bunny

and then used Grasshopper to assign a parabola to every cross section curve

and then used the inherent shape of the bunny to allow light in behind the “ears” and achieve this form.

Let’s see how giving it blocks goes.


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