Stereotomy Ph4: line, surface, block

The previous script was comprised of too many cross section curves: one every 2.3″. Since a goal for that script was for the blocks to be about 2.5″h x 2.5″w, that resulted in the U component for the MeshUV command to be equal to 1. In doing that, we had too much of a hand in block-finding (the UV mesh grid), and when assigned blocks to be fabricated, the blocks did not output correctly. Now that this is understood, we are revisiting a script that initially introduced the idea of lofting cross section curves that are not the same, but are all compressive. This script was created after the manual trait + vault from Phase 3 was completed, and we realized that the manual process focused on the cross section of the vault. An advantage of this script is that where we last left it, the lofts were far enough part for the mesh to be properly relaxed by Kangaroo and fully adhere to the section curves.

Goal for script: through editing section curves, each block is updated. If a line is edited, and that affects the surface between lines, which causes every block on the surface to update, then the user is working with a CAD-like interface to produce results that push the limits of Grasshopper/Kangaroo.

The edits to the vault will hopefully become very easy to understand, document and manipulate.

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