The word ‘studio’ is derived from ‘study’. Our object is not to know the answers before we do the work. It’s to know them after we do it.

-Bruce Mau

With the ending of a busy semester, withdrawal probably sets in. It was tiring, and of course challenging, but some great work was done in the newly christened digital fabrication lab. The fulfilling experience came after the dust settled, literally. We went in with ideas in mind, and came out with some pretty amazing installations that people will probably talk about in the near future. I don’t like to be presumptuous of course, clearly not one of my many character flaws… I just like to mention that we learned a thing or two about ourselves and our potential.

I started going here in the spring semester of 2007, and after graduating recently, I feel that my preconceived ideas, assumptions about this field of study, and of course my own personal goals have changed. I never thought I would be making things by the time I was done. Studying architecture and making architecture finally collided with one another during my last semester.  To paraphrase Bruce Mau, the moment when two objects collide and generate a third. The third object is where the interesting work is. I just find the parallelism of theory and practice as two objects colliding to generate a different point of view, very interesting.

I know there isn’t much left to say about the Bench team, only two videos showing the assembly and the final project production. Wrapped up in two minutes and forty seconds of video, the bench seems like it assembled itself. The marvel of it all is that people sitting in it, that will never get to see the process, will wonder how something like it could ever be built given the modest tools and a simple 3-axis CNC machine.  Some others will sit and never care.

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