Weekend Workshop Wrap-up

On the weekend of April 14th makeLab hosted a weekend workshop on “Designing Electronics for Architecture” where participants where exposed to the steps necessary to designing, programing and fabricating their own circuit boards. The initial task seemed simple enough, fabricate a board that controls a single LED with a light sensor.  Although many struggled with the micro-soldering, the system gave us insight to the potentials of this technology in architecture.

More significant than the new knowledge was thee realization that what we where doing touches most disciplines in design, building and technology.  Most exciting for us at the makeLab was the cross-campus representation from many different departments.  The Department of Electrical Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Robotics Engineering and Management where all where represented in addition to Architecture.  It was obvious that the energy, ideas, and possibilities are endless when working in a trans-disciplinary studio.

Finally, makeLab would like to thank Mercedes Mane, the visiting instructor, for the workshop.  Mercedes is an electrical engineer with background in controls, hardware design and embedded programming and a volunteer at the Champaign-Urbana Community Fab Lab.  Mercedes made the weekend fun for all and we hope to do it again.

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